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The Lions Gate Portal -  The portal widens its jaws from July 26th to  August 12th but its powers peak on the 8th.   At the heart of the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal is the potent number combination 8-8, the presence of the Sun in the astrological sign of Leo, the Lion, and the rising of the star Sirius on the horizon.
Sirius, often associated with the expansive qualities of Jupiter, inspires action, accomplishment, and manifestation. It serves as an open window for co-creating with natural energy, leading to blessings and abundance in life.

As the bright star Sirius rises in the night sky, aligning with Orion's Belt and the Pyramid of Giza, it appears to draw closer to Earth. This cosmic spectacle gifts us with an abundance of spiritual light during the Lions Gate Portal, akin to a cosmic holiday promoting soul embodiment, gratitude for life's blessings, elevated wisdom, growth, manifestation, and reaping the rewards of our efforts.

The Lions Gate Portal of 2023 spans from July 26th to August 12th, with its powers reaching a crescendo on August 8th.

The name "Lion's Gate Portal" originates from the astrological positioning of the Sun in the sign of Leo during this time. Leo, representing the individualized expression of the Divine, serves as a perfect stage to anchor the higher consciousness energies and ascension codes from Sirius and the Great Central Sun.

During this alignment, a surge of light and positive energy awakens our DNA, activates our energy fields, and transmits codes of awakening and evolution. This influx of light helps us embrace our Divine essence and embody higher living, regardless of our zodiac sign, by accessing the royal codes of spiritual growth available to all.

The Lions Gate Portal marks a remarkable period of accelerated ascension, and in 2023, with its unique astrological alignment, it becomes even more potent.

Tap into the power of the Lion's Gate Portal energies Now and for sure on August 8th, 2023. 

Embrace the 8:8 Lion's Gate as a cosmic gateway, activating star intelligence and amplifying ascension energy. Set prosperity intentions and prayers for fulfillment, using the power of the numerological combination "8:8" to bridge the etheric and earthly realms. Leverage the influence of Leo's energy to open your heart to love, bravery, courage, and boldness. In this prosperity portal, love remains the key to unlock the abundance you desire.

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Full dates of Impact August 3rd to September 30th.

Things to do prior to Mercury Retrograde:

  • Backup all devices

  • Get your car maintenance done

  • Get prepared to be more patient with yourself, other beings on the planet and patient with all tech (devices, oven, stove, washer, dryer, drone, planes, trains and automobiles and your favorite IT person.

  • Get prepared that your own internal communication with yourself and with others can be bumpy....Make use of Mercury Mudra when talking with others to help communication to be smoother and clearer.

  • Plan your time and hours accordingly to allow for more space for Reflection, Re-juvenation, Re-Evaluating, Re-laxing, more meditation.

Do not release a book, step into a contract, buy a new car.

I like to explain Mercury Retrograde more fully because most leave out the Mercury Retrograde process and many of us are impacted at a variety of levels earlier than the actual retrograde begins.

Sat Hari Kaur

Global Kundalini Yoga Trainer, Teacher/Trainer of Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology, Astrocartography and Self Knowledge Mechanics (Human Design). Sat Hari Kaur holds teacher trainings, classes, workshops, and does consultations.

2018 I left a job that was no longer serving me, commuting to Boston 20+ hours a week. I began volunteering in my community and started networking in New Bedford as a business consultant. Began walking my wild dogs in groups in a very important club that keeps my dogs and me active.

2019 I tried yoga for the first time, after meeting a teacher at a networking meeting. First kundalini yoga class was in February. Yoga retreat to Costa Rica in May. Learned how to meditate. Found the power of Pura Vida! and the healing nature of the jungle. Got my first job in Clinical Trials as a Project Manager.

2020 The world shut down and people (millions of them) started dying every day. I learned about Holy Fire Reiki from a gifted medium nearby, and began YTT. I went on my first writing retreat and realized that I actually AM A WRITER. I connected with a beautiful human being and we became soul sisters. Attended my first experience with my favorite duo for Sound out in the woods in Rehoboth. I started hiking 4000 foot mountains in New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. I connected deeply with my dog group outside. Developed a deep connection to Mother Earth and created lasting friendships near where I live.

2021 Began work with a Shaman. More sound. Did excruciating work digging into the depths of my shadows and trauma. Painful, transformative work. Learned about the Elements, and how to use them to heal myself. Had many healings with powerful healers. Released so much. Connected with my ancestors. Was lit on fire in more ways than one and in a very safe container, thanks to heart centered and Motherly teachers. Received my Holy Fire Reiki and Usui Reiki Master. Got a job as a Senior Project Manager at a great global software company.

2022 Went to Naples Florida for winter, where I worked during the day, but connected with Cypress trees and the swamplands on weekends, and before and after work. Fell in love with the unique wetlands. Dove deep into the waters of Fort Lauderdale and the Keys. Wrote many, many pieces and stories about my experiences. In March, I embarked on my journey as a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher. In June, began Ministry school in a very powerful first weekend. Summer brought the height of my transformation with Kundalini Yoga. Rebirthings that deepened my gifts, as well as my tribe. I literally met and connected with so many people, all very powerful and gifted spiritual leaders, mediums and earth based healers. In May, received my first rite of the Munay Ki, the Rite of the Womb, which shifted more within me. Continued with Munay Ki Rites. In October, I received my Level 1 Kundalini Yoga certificate. I taught my first Kundalini yoga class at the magical Ashram in Millis right before Christmas.

2023 Opened my own healing center with one of the dear friends and soul connections I met in 2022 in an incredible cotton Mill in the beautiful city that has become my community. New Bedford. In March, I began school to be a Trauma informed Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Therapist.

On the last day of April, (yesterday!!) I became a Minister after another profound weekend connecting with vulnerable women and men of service. More soul connections in a sacred container. More gratitude. More love.

Everyone we meet is our teacher. Everyone we think is our worst adversary has a lesson for us, if we just pause and allow it to process through our bodies. If we heal our own pain first, in whatever way resonates with us. Life is hard, but the inner work is how we learn how to connect better with others, and the collective. The inner work never stops. The space we give ourselves is where we find the beauty in ourselves and in the other. So many different ways to access the greatness inside.

What is Wahe Guru! ? - We say Wahe Guru! in Kundalini Yoga to call upon the Divine light; to elevate the Spirit and Divinity within us. The Divine Teacher within.

Today is May 1. I have so much gratitude for where I am now. I am eager to teach, learn, and keep to my path so that I may help and serve others.

Sending Love and Divine Light to you all today and always!

Julie Silvia - Devi NamDass Kaur

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