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Updated: Jan 1


The way winter warns us about our demise.

The way we tantalize ourselves with a prize.

The moments of righteousness

Pass like the Summer.

All of the stories

All of the roses

All of the rain

All of the darkness and

All of the pain

Can be given back to Mother Earth again and


The winter winds that destroy

Will recede to the Spring

All of the wisdom

And all of the fiery.

The misunderstood

Call to duty.

The perceived intention

to force

the flow.

Was made up in stories from

so long ago.

We are all one.

We are the children of the forgotten Sun.

The reborn story that can set its own pace.

Slow it on down!

We are not here to race.

Remember, Remember that you are wise

Your overwhelmed body

And all that it defies.

The collective pressure can be left in peace.

Atlas held the world

So you can save your knees.

When we feel from the inside

And learn how to see.

When we pause for the body.

We remember to be.

We pause to feel compassion.

That can be so hard to find.

Conversations that heal.

The art that reveals

Our collective rise

to consciousness.

The untold story.

Of resilience

Of tenderness.

And the greatest

Of Glory

The smells that remind you of compassion and grace

The sounds that extract pain in every trace!

The embrace of another and the warmth of a hug

The purr of a happy cat

The mighty spider that forgot that it was a bug.

The grace that you give

Shape shifts us back

Releases the shackles

And puts us on track.

To the Bay, and your rivers and inland dark marshes

To the spiny red maples, and briar woods of the harshest,

Take all of our pain and all of our fear.

Give us the space to replace it with care.

Teach us to breathe again as we mourn!

Create new life so that we are reborn.

Like God, each of us is

The creator,

The destroyer and the


Remember your body.

Remember your heart.

Remember the cold is

just doing its part.

Remember our Veterans and all that they gave for

Our Country.

Gratitude towards the four directions

The Land keepers’ unseen offerings of protection!

Notice that

The clear winter water

Tells a new story.

We were always free

And all we must do is be.

To allow.

To understand

The birth

And the life

And the death

And the birth.

May this winter break

Our hearts out of prison.

May the new love enrapture you!

Like a Nor’easter

To awaken each heart like

the deep greens of the Spring.

The pandemic of fear can be cured by

A smile

A hug

An unsuspecting nod.

The connection to others

The snorting pig-like laughs from good friends

The synchronized connection with




We are not separate.

We are not alone!

The lure of the external is a numbing Relief.

Temporary solace to lifetimes of Limiting beliefs.

That we never have to feel.


The pain holds the Truth

And the key.

In every dark path there’s

A light in a tree

The rue of the story!

You are Divine and you are The Light.

There is no longer a need to constantly fight.

The trickster-esque Osprey that named our beloved Bay,

Will return with new knowledge for us to proceed in a new way.

Originally published by Domesticated Primate and Anomaly Poetry in their Winter publication of Tidings 2023

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