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Native American Drumming

Learn how to connect with the drum and play along to songs & story from Native American tradition

Service Description

Music is a universal experience. We all catch ourselves singing along to a song we love that has special meaning. Native American drumming presentation allows an audience to be exposed to an ancient culture and time-honored tradition of the Native American people. The program begins by speaking on the importance of drumming and the ethics of drumming. This explanation is goal oriented as to help the audience understand that the drum is more than an instrument. Each song will teach its foundation and the spiritual significance of the song. Bearing in mind that many songs in the modern area have become intertribal. Intertribal basically means that it is used by several tribes using different styles of singing and drumming. Presented by Granite StoneFace-The-North-Sky Granite is a First Nation Abenaki Native American of mixed heritage. With almost 15 years of experience playing on several Native American Pow Wow drums. He has been a mentor of Native American drum to Teens, Adult education groups, public workshops and has led several of his own Native American drums. He welcomes everyone from all walks of life to learn and experience the Spiritual Medicine of drum. Providing a safe and sober setting to learn and participate on Native American style drums. Bring your own Native American style drum, or we will have a few hand drums and a Native American floor drum for 4 people for use. Wear comfortable clothing. We have folding chairs, or bring your own. The Current Healing Arts is located at the Kilburn Mill at Clark's Cove 127 W. Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford, MA 02744 , Suite 2-83. Take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd Floor, follow the hall to the RIGHT, and we are just beyond The Mr. Chimney Shoppe and Judith Klein and steps away from the Kilburn Mill Flea Market and the creative vortex that is the Artisan Center!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

For early morning classes, please register by 9PM night before to secure your spot. When possible, please contact us 24 hours in advance to cancel an individual session.

Contact Details

  • 127 W Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford, MA, USA


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