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Sound Immersion with Sonic Field

Sacred Sound with Drumming and Participation!

Service Description

The power of Sacred Sound effects the mind, body and spirit on a deep, cellular level. The Immersive vibrational field created has been experienced by many as a vehicle to moving and releasing energy blocks, quieting the mind, thus promoting feelings of deep peace, clarity and well-being. This experience will begin with Sonic Field creating a clear sacred space for you to plant the seeds of your intentions and allow the vibrational and tonal sounds to wash over you, as you relax your body, mind and spirit. In combination with their signature voices, a wide variety of sound healing instruments will be utilized during the session ranging from Native American style flute, drum and rattles, guitar, didgeridoo, Tibetan bells & bowls, hand pan drum, shruti and much more. Next, Alan and Jaime will invite participants to join in a spirit guided group toning using drums and rattles provided by Sonic Field and voice (provided by you if you'd like) to fully integrate and celebrate the evenings energetic cultivation's. Finally, we will bring the energy to a close by gathering, in full support of each others' intentions, to play a 36" Gathering Drum! Fee: $45 per person WHAT TO BRING: *your intentions for healing/positive change * a chair and/or blanket to make yourself comfortable during the Sound Bath * a drum and/or rattle if you have one "Intention, coupled with sound, send powerful prayers into our lives, the lives of others, the world and the universe at large. Playing music from our heart space, we have the ability to transform and step-into our majestic selves with ease, joy and grace" Infinite Blessings, Sonic Field Hand-crafted frame drums and rattles will be made available for purchase. The Current is located at the Kilburn Mill in Suite 2-83. Take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd Floor, follow the hall to the RIGHT, and we are just beyond The Mr. Chimney Shoppe and Judith Klein and steps away from the Kilburn Mill Flea Market and the creative vortex that is the Artisan Center! Registration required in advance to secure your spot.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

For early morning classes, please register by 9PM night before to secure your spot. When possible, please contact us 24 hours in advance to cancel an individual session.

Contact Details

  • 127 W Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford, MA, USA


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