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Julie Silvia, RYT® 200, PMP

Julie Silvia (Devi Namdass Kaur) is passionate about teaching the incredible self-healing technology of Kundalini Yoga. Julie is also a Reiki Master in both Usui and Holy Fire III Karuna.  She is committed to connecting with the Earth and the elements and brings shamanic practices into the healings, workshops and offerings she shares with the intention to create a space of safety and self expression for all.
Julie has always approached life with a beginner's mindset. Her enthusiasm pours into her teaching, her social connections, and everything that she does. Born to share and connect people, Julie is committed to sharing the modalities that have brought her closer to her Divine self.
Julie also works as a software Project Manager and loves problem solving and working with teams to deliver software solutions to clients. 



Contact me via the Chat function on this site with questions, or via my social media options above.

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