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Saturday Night Sound

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Last Saturday was a beautiful, breezy early June evening, with clear skies. I was the first one there, and I saw Jaime first, as I drove up up the long driveway, and then Alan. They were sitting across from each other, two opposing points at either side of the grassy clearing. Alan's yard is beautiful, and the perfect setting for an outdoor event. Many trees shelter the area which in Rehoboth, Ma. I was 30 minutes early, which would make everyone who knows me laugh, because I am notoriously 20 minutes late for everything. I was excited about attending this event, as it was the first outdoor sound event that I could attend in 2022. I parked my car and found the perfect spot in the yard for me to unpack my bag of fun. I laid out my yoga mat, put on my lightweight hoody, took my drum and rattle out and carefully propped them against a tree that was perfectly situated, in the yard. The rest of the attendees started trickling in over the next half hour, making the circle complete. Some I knew from other Sonic Field events, and others were faces I hadn't met before.

The Process

Sonic Field offers a signature Sound Immersion. The event typically starts out with Jaime or Alan giving a descriptive introduction and welcome to folks, as well as the itinerary for our time together. We are warmly greeted, and invited into the space. We find a seat or spot to lay down in. We are asked to set an intention, which could be a prayer for someone else or an affirmation of our own need. Alan will then start us off in the sounding. The tones are relaxing to start and really allow for participants to allow rest into the space. After we are literally transformed in our bodies from this frequency of instrumental and voice sounding offered and that is unique every time I participate, we are then invited to join in. There are handmade spare drums and rattles available for use, and for purchase if anyone feels inclined.

Sharing the Love

We are invited to drum and rattle and sing and dance, with Alan starting us with a simple beat. It isn’t about how well someone sings or whether or not we carry the beat well on the drum. We begin to express ourselves. It is here where the intentions and prayers that we each brought, that were baked into our hearts and bodies as we passively rested in the sacred sound frequencies at the beginning, are brought down to our fiery bellies, as we power the collective intentions in community in the form of drumming, voicing, dancing and expressing ourselves in the community. After we have the opportunity to beat our drums, shake our rattles, dance and sound our voices like a pack of wild wolves, howling at the moon (at least, that's how I felt on Saturday night!!), Alan and Jaime bring out 1 or 2 large gathering drums, where we stand in 1 or 2 circles, depending on the group, venue and vibe. We pause for a moment, as we are again asked to bring our intentions or prayers back to our awareness. From there, either or both of our hosts will begin with a beat, and we continue to play, dance, beat and use our voices In sacred circle around this large, hand made, gathering drum life force. We continue to express ourselves in this beautiful heart thumping way, sending our intentions, emotions, healing vibes up and out. Letting go of whatever we need to, back to the Earth. Releasing with every collective beat of the drum, pounding our feet into the Earth. Sending the prayers and intentions to wherever they need to go.

We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music. -Albert Einstein

The Journey of Feeling

Typically, the only words I have at the end of these events to verbalize my gratitude are “wow, that was totally awesome”. Pretty weak for such a profound experience. I am literally dumbfounded after each event. Tongue tied because the energy of my body is vibrating to the point that I am distracted and overwhelmed by how good I feel. The peace that these experiences instill in my heart and bones is beyond any vocabulary I have. There is something about this entire experience - from the passive immersion, to the group beating and rattling, to the heated sacred circle of drumming together, it truly can’t get dumbed down to words. I will keep trying!

This past Saturday night, during the Immersion segment, I had propped myself up against Alan’s tree, legs were out in front of me, eyes closed and I was wrapped in my blanket. I felt the vibration of the Earth, and the wind moving the trees in a subtle chorus. Alan began playing the digeridoo. My hips trembled and my bottom and my legs seemed to soften in a pretty dramatic way, as if I was growing roots and becoming one with the ground beneath my yoga mat. Although it felt like I wasn't, when I finally opened my eyes, I was in fact still sitting there with others. I had not grown physical roots, after all. I definitely went somewhere else as I listened to the sounds. At another point, when I heard the flute, and the guitar, I felt strong emotion, like I remembered something, and I let tears flow. Again, this doesn't happen every time, but those tears needed to flow. When Alan began to share his wide ranging voice, and Jaime shared his, it softened me even more. Their voices hold a power that must be experienced in person. At that point of almost sleep, it truly felt like an ensemble of hundreds joined them with the tremendous and resonating ranges of sounds that they emitted. I kept my eyes closed and just rested in it all.

Last Saturday was a special night, because we were outside, and because there were so many really beautiful people there experiencing the magic of this event. The sharing that happened at the end of the night by many, especially the newcomers was deep and beautiful. Not everyone shared, and there is really no pressure to say a single word, but we all stood their together and held space for each other. I can't say that I know what everyone was feeling, but I do know that we stood their for quite awhile. I imagine that my body wasn't the only one still buzzing like it was made of happy bees, buzzing in harmony. Many of us joked that we never wanted to leave the space. As we lingered there, a single lightening bug danced above us like a star within our reach.

We need this.

I want you to feel the sounds of the flutes, the drums and the glorious digeridoo, and recognize your body and how it hums along. How the sound touches your bones and organs as if it is pushing you to heal. I want your skin to hum and heal your body from the outside- in. This is what happens during a Sound Immersion with Sonic Field.

An experience with Sonic Field will leave you feeling amazed at what just happened. These are just two guys from southeastern New England, who facilitate a welcoming, therapeutic and expressive space for all. I want you to join in and bask in the love and openness that truly validates what it means to be a human in our best possible form. What it feels like to be free, and to express yourself with absolutely no judgement. I hope you have the opportunity to join Sonic Field in one of their upcoming events and feel for yourself the purity that resides in our human form and how beautiful we can be in a space that is cultivated from our own well intentioned hearts.

Being outside in Mother Earth, the trees, and all of her living, beating, end-of-spring creatures is nothing short of a miracle. I am at a point in my life, where I crave loving community and nature. I crave the need to express myself in whatever way I can in a healthy way. Saturday night sound is an opportunity to release the anxiety that a work week and life overall brings, and any anger that I didn’t even know I had, yet somehow gets released without even trying. I truly feel acceptance and love and everything good that I am grateful for in humans during and even days after these experiences. These sound events anchor my weeks and they are raising the vibration of my own soul. I did not know that is what would happen to me, when I experienced my first event with them, but I sure am grateful for their facilitation, and for the community that I have connected with at all of their events.

Sonic Field is Jaime Allen Poyant and Alan Stonewolf. They have events all over New England almost every week. Please find Sonic Field on Facebook here, or visit their website at

I experienced my first sound event with Sonic Field in September of 2020, outside at Alan’s house. I have joined them in building my very own drum at one of their Drum and Rattle building events at The Soul Purpose , and am excited to be attending another Drum and Rattle build event in July at Quantum Health & Wellness, where one of my oldest and dearest friends will join me to share in the experience of creating our own sacred sound tools. In March, I spent a full day with Sonic Field, for their inaugural class Intro to the Art of Sacred Sound Healing, offered at The Soul Purpose, in Swansea, MA.

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