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Create your own Sadhana

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

I have always been a person to pressure myself to the point of blockage when it comes to creating healthy habits. In the past, if I didn't do it perfectly, everyday, and as perfect as can be, well then, it wasn't worth doing. Never until the last few years did I take into consideration that some days have room for revision, and it is ok. Some days, our bodies need rest more than they need to follow a set of rules. We only need to accept our own personal effort. No one else needs to weigh in.

When I embarked on my Kundalini Teacher Training Journey (which incidentally never ends - there is always more to learn, but isn't that the truth in any healing or Spiritual Modality?), we were encouraged to develop a Sadhana and required to experience Aquarian Sadhana.

As Level 1 Kundalini Teachers, we were introduced to Aquarian Sadhana, which truly is a beautiful experience that can elevate you beyond imagination. Learn more here on this post from Snatam Kaur on her experience with AS.

I am an optimistic person, and even though I have spent my entire life running the clock, operating in the Clutch (for the baseball and softball players and fans out there, you know what I mean)

I am limited.

Time is limited.

My sadhana is what I have time for, and all I can say is when I make time for my own sadhana, my day is better.

Even though the pressure is on (or is it?) for the end of the year, the holidays, the crazy collective pressure we create for ourselves as a society in this Western World around December and the holidays. I encourage you to find your own practice that works for you. Do what you need to do to feel good. You are the most important person in your life. And if you are a person who gives and gives, why not give yourself the gift and grace that you give so freely to others?

Hoping to offer inspiration here or at least some perspective at the beginning of December with my Tik Tock video linked here

December is historically a difficult time in my life. This year is actually even harder than others for various reasons. I am grateful that I now have tools to help myself feel safe, grounded and at peace, when years before it was entirely a blinded run to the finish line using every ounce of energy to the point of an inevitable stomach bug, flu or angry temper tantrum due to the frustration of trying to keep up with my perceived idea of the masses and what they were doing.

Curious to know what your personal daily or periodic practice is? I will be sharing some of the practices that help me in the coming weeks. What works for you? What doesn't?

Sat Nam,

Rev. Julie Silvia (Devi Namdass)

Co-Founder The Current Healing Arts

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