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Yoga for a Clean Water!

Updated: May 10, 2022

This Spring, I am honored to be able to offer Yoga for a Cause, a series I am doing to raise money and awareness to causes that I care about in my community. As April is here in New England, our migratory birds are sounding, peepers are singing to us at night, and the various local organizations are taking the opportunity to organize, gather volunteers and funding to support the beautiful natural resources that are so dear to us here.

The Buzzards Bay Coalition does amazing work, and I have been involved in fundraising with them since I moved to the Buzzards Bay Watershed area several years ago. They offer great programs to educate people on the importance of preserving the waters and surrounding land in this area.

My yoga series will include some online, restorative and slow flow classes designed for all levels.

I am fundraising for this organization via Facebook (find link here) and Instagram (find link here) a $5 minimum will provide access to the class of your choice - see schedule here and after you make your donation, be sure to RSVP to ensure that you receive address and online links prior to the class!

To learn more about the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and other ways to get involved or to volunteer, please visit their website.

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