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I thank the Land Keepers

In every step I thank the land

In every seen Osprey

I thank the wind

For every acorn fallen

I thank the tree.

In every stone, I thank the keepers.

The original Land Keepers of New England and this continent.

The beings that came before us.

That blessed this land that we call ours.

The land of the free.

I thank those who were sacrificed.

I thank those who were robbed of their culture.

When I honor this land.

I honor my own ancestors.

I honor the keepers that came long before them.

I honor those families with Native lineage who are exploited every day.

I face the shadows only when I connect with the Earth Mother.

Earth Mother remembers for us.

Earth Mother protects us.

Earth Mother forgives us.

There is only oneness.

There is only love.

My daily prayer is that everything that is not love be released.

Released to the Earth. Released from the human form.

I thank the water for knowing

I thank the rocks for holding the truth.

i thank the trees for nurturing all of the beings.

the blood

the death

the love

the rebirth

I thank the Earth Keepers of America. The unseen ancients:

you are not forgotten.

I thank my loving heart for having this awareness.

In every breath, I thank my body.

I thank God for the Grace I feel in my heart to be able to walk this path with love and courage. I pray for constant healing for the Earth, and that of the ancient unseen warriors, medicine men and women and for the ancestors and all of our people, regardless of lineage.

(posted by Julie Silvia /Devi NamDass)

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