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The portal widens its jaws from July 26th to  August 12th but its powers peak on the 8th

The Lions Gate Portal -  The portal widens its jaws from July 26th to  August 12th but its powers peak on the 8th.   At the heart of the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal is the potent number combination 8-8, the presence of the Sun in the astrological sign of Leo, the Lion, and the rising of the star Sirius on the horizon.
Sirius, often associated with the expansive qualities of Jupiter, inspires action, accomplishment, and manifestation. It serves as an open window for co-creating with natural energy, leading to blessings and abundance in life.

As the bright star Sirius rises in the night sky, aligning with Orion's Belt and the Pyramid of Giza, it appears to draw closer to Earth. This cosmic spectacle gifts us with an abundance of spiritual light during the Lions Gate Portal, akin to a cosmic holiday promoting soul embodiment, gratitude for life's blessings, elevated wisdom, growth, manifestation, and reaping the rewards of our efforts.

The Lions Gate Portal of 2023 spans from July 26th to August 12th, with its powers reaching a crescendo on August 8th.

The name "Lion's Gate Portal" originates from the astrological positioning of the Sun in the sign of Leo during this time. Leo, representing the individualized expression of the Divine, serves as a perfect stage to anchor the higher consciousness energies and ascension codes from Sirius and the Great Central Sun.

During this alignment, a surge of light and positive energy awakens our DNA, activates our energy fields, and transmits codes of awakening and evolution. This influx of light helps us embrace our Divine essence and embody higher living, regardless of our zodiac sign, by accessing the royal codes of spiritual growth available to all.

The Lions Gate Portal marks a remarkable period of accelerated ascension, and in 2023, with its unique astrological alignment, it becomes even more potent.

Tap into the power of the Lion's Gate Portal energies Now and for sure on August 8th, 2023. 

Embrace the 8:8 Lion's Gate as a cosmic gateway, activating star intelligence and amplifying ascension energy. Set prosperity intentions and prayers for fulfillment, using the power of the numerological combination "8:8" to bridge the etheric and earthly realms. Leverage the influence of Leo's energy to open your heart to love, bravery, courage, and boldness. In this prosperity portal, love remains the key to unlock the abundance you desire.

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